Things to know about Zodwa Wabantu (pantless dancer)

Things to know about Zodwa Wabantu (pantless dancer)


Things to know about Zodwa Wabantu (pantless dance)

Here are seven things to know about the South African woman:

1. Has two different names: The dancer is popularly known as Zodwa Wabantu but is officially addressed as Rebecca
Libram . The latter was mentioned in a response by the National Arts Council of Zambia concerning an application to
have her perform in the country.
The letter which was dated March 7, 2018, explained that the erotic performer will not get an opportunity to be present at the gig she had been scheduled for based on her sexual

2. Ran away from home at 16: Wabantu appeared to have had it coming in terms of her personality. Zalebs News mentioned this in a report describing the erotic dancer who is quite
emphatic concerning a decision not to ever wear pants for a performance.

3. Has a 12 year old son: The entertainer seems to be handling quite easily the role of being an erotic dancer and a mother. Zaleb described her 12-year-old son as the reason for
her determination to suceed.

4. Once worked as a Call Center Agent: Zodwa Wabantu has had her fair share of corporate dealings. Prior to her career as an erotic dancer, the 32-year-old reportedly worked as a Call Center Agent, a factor that motivated a move to Durban from Soweto, South Africa.

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5. Wants to become a stripper: Wabantu’s lifestyle has invited negative criticism from the public who named her as a
stripper. This inspired the dancer to submit an actual application in 2017, in order to engage in the occupation on a
professional level.

6. A former property agent: The controversial personality
seems to have tried her hands on a number of businesses.
One of such includes the role of a property agent involved in
the leasing of houses to students in Durban.

7. Took off panties during a live performance: Part of what makes Zodwa Wabantu controversial is her daring behaviour which saw her remove an underwear during a live performance.



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