Read: Gigi Lamanye opens up on childhood, life, depression and the industry

Read: Gigi Lamanye opens up on childhood, life, depression and the industry
Gigi Lamanye opens up during an interview on all you need to know about her life, right from child hood till this moment. She also spoke on her depression, the cause and how she journeys through healing via therapy.

The rap star made headlines last month as she tried committing suicide but she was lucky enough to be saved. Though, after recovery she apologized to her fans and appreciated everyone for their prayers and concern.

In the interview, she explained how her brought up at home was of both good and bad effect on her, and how she was bullied back in school because her teacher liked her. Her parents divorced while she was in school and she being bullied in school led to a break down that caused her to be rushed to psychiatric hospital back then.

While still talking, the rapper says she can’t deal with bully. She pointed out that some of the things that triggered her depression was the noise from the outside, cyber bullying and Pro Kid’s death.

“Pro Kid kinda discovered me before Khuli Chana but we didn’t work out because of management issues. But we remained close, so when he died it triggered the fact of how entertainers are treated in society and how we’re, especially as female artists, just expected to shake our asses.” she said.

However, she said she visits her therapist once in a while and her team, Ambitiouz Entertainment has being helping her through this whole process.

She added that rapper, Nadia Nakai has being so supportive and friendly to her as she calls most times to check up on her.

And concerning her latest hit, Bozza, she said;

“My song has actually been doing well and I was nervous dropping now. I’m hoping to work with female artists like Rouge, Nomuzi, Nadia Nakai and Londi London.”



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Last Updated: December 5, 2018

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