Nasty C injures left leg (Photo)

Nasty C injures left leg (Photo)
Nasty Cinjures left leg and he hopes for a speed recovery. The rapper revealed that he’d nurtured an injury on his right leg for 2 years and while the right leg is being healed, he got another injury on the left leg.

The rapper isn’t happy with the state of his legs, however, he revealed that it’s not going to stop him from rocking nice boots and slaying also.

A snap of the leg shared on Instagram shows that he’s about treating the injury. Though, he hasn’t revealed the cause of the injury.

Nasty C said on his post that;
“I’ve had an injury on my right leg for about 2 years now and I finally managed to injure my left leg.. Can’t stop rocking tho, so when I’m on stage, you gotta let out enough energy for both of us. Please & thank you.”



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Last Updated: December 9, 2018

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